The Japan Association of International Relations (JAIR), established in 1956, promotes academic research in international relations, and provides venue for researchers to present their results and to interact with each other. Research in international politics is conducted in a variety of fields, including theoretical research, historical research, area studies, and research on new fields and non-state actors. The JAIR is an organization that encompasses these wide research fields.

Reflecting the diverse fields of study in international relations, the JAIR has about 2000 members, mainly researchers and graduate students from universities and research institutes, as well as practitioners and journalists. It is the largest academic society in political science and one of the largest in humanities and social sciences in Japan.

The JAIR holds the annual meeting in the fall. In the 3-day conference, members present and discuss their research in about 50 sessions and sectional meetings. The Association publishes the Japanese-language peer-reviewed journal, Kokusai Seiji, and the English-language, peer-reviewed international journal, the International Relations of the Asia Pacific (IRAP). The IRAP invites papers from all IR scholars, both within and without the Asia-Pacific region.

IR Studies in Japan

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