Notification of a change in legal designation due to becoming a general incorporated foundation

Dear All,

I hope this missive finds everybody in good health.

Following the December 2008 reform of the law governing charitable status, all existing associations were required to be recognized as either general incorporated foundations or charitable associations within 5 years. After a thorough review of the specifics of the new law, it was decided to become a general incorporated foundation, and the application for the change of status earnestly undertaken forthwith.

Having recently received the requisite recognition from the administrative agencies in question, we are pleased to announce that as of 22 October, 2012, this association shall be officially designated as the “general incorporated foundation of the Japan Association of International Relations”.

In line with the new law, our status as a judicial entity is unaffected. Therefore, any contracts in effect prior to 22 October, 2012 shall remain valid after this date, with the renamed entity succeeding to all rights and responsibilities.

We look forward to your continued guidance and support in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Keiko Sakai
President, Japan Association of International Relations