Below you will find instructions on how to upload your paper for submission to the Plenary Session, Sessions, and Sectional Meetings.
Please read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions below to upload your paper between 29 September (Wednesday) and 12 October (Tuesday) 23:59:59 [GMT+9:00] (strict deadline applies). Thank you for your cooperation.

1. Creating a PDF File

Convert your created paper file to PDF format.

You can convert your paper file to PDF format, if your document creation software has a “Save as PDF file” option, or if you can select “PDF” as the file type to save the file as a PDF.
Other than that, here are some of the most common ways to convert a file.

・Using Adobe Acrobat

If you have Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Acrobat Reader), you can use it to easily convert your work to PDF in the same way that you would print it. It is expensive to buy a new copy, but a trial version is also available, so you may want to try it for free for 7 days. To download a free trial version, click here.

・Using Other Software

AAlthough not as good as Adobe Acrobat, it is possible to use free software that can be downloaded for free, if you just want to convert your file to PDF. Please search from this software library (Vector).

* If the title of the paper is in Japanese and the paper to be uploaded is in English, the title of the paper to be uploaded should be in Japanese and the English title should be in parentheses.

2. Renaming a file

Change the file title according to the following rules.

In case of Sessions and Plenary Session

Let’s take the example of Member Oyane, as an example. Suppose he is presenting a report to “Session 1”.
In that case, he should change the file name to “01-Oyane.pdf” before uploading the file. “01” is the Session number. Put the Session number in a two-digit, starting with 0 (zero) if necessary. If he is presenting for “Session 02”, the file name should be “02-Oyane.pdf”. If Member Oyane is presenting for “Session 12”, for instance, the file name should be “12-Oyane.pdf”.
Also, when reporting on a Plenary Session, please add “PS” instead of a number and use “PS-(your family name).pdf”.

Member Oyane’s paper for “Plenary Session” is PS-Oyane.pdf
Member Iida’s paper for “Session 3” is 03-Iida.pdf
Member Takeda’s report for “Session 11” is 11-Takeda.pdf

In case of Sectional Meetings

Let’s take Member Oyane as an example. Suppose Member Oyane is presenting a paper in “Sectional Meeting A-1”. In this case, the file name needs to be changed to “A01-Oyane.pdf” before being uploaded. “A01” is the Sectional Meeting number. Put the Session number in a two-digit, starting with 0 (zero) if necessary. If it is “Sectional Meeting C-10”, the file name starts with “C10”.

Here is an example.

Member Oyane’s paper for “Sectional Meeting A-10” is A10-Oyane.pdf

* When there are multiple authors:

Whether you are presenting for Session or Sectional Meeting, if your paper is written by more than one person, please include all the authors names in the file name.

The file name for the joint paper submitted by Member Oyane and Member Iida for “Section Meeting D-3” is D03-OyaneIida.pdf

3. How to UPLOAD

Please access the page for UPLOAD here.

When you access the page, you will be asked to enter “username” and “password” as shown in [Fig. 1] below. Enter your “username” and “password” that you have been given in advance. Please proceed to the pager for UPLOAD.

[Fig. 1]

(The format of the window for entering the “username” and “password” depends on the browser you are using. [Fig. 1] is for Microsoft Edge.)

On the page that appears after authentication, you will see the following input fields [Fig. 2]. In this field you can register the file to be uploaded.

[Fig. 2].

How to register a file

・For registering your file, click on [Browse] at the upper right of [Fig. 2] to display your files on your computer. Follow the procedure of Explorer, search for your file that you have converted to PDF format, select it and press [OK].
Then, the selected file name will appear in the field displayed as [Select File] on the left of [Browse]. ([Fig. 3])

[Fig. 3]

Next, enter any alphanumeric characters in the “DEL key” field below where the file name appears. ([Fig. 4])
This “DEL key” is required to delete a file once it has been uploaded, so be sure you remember it.
It is also possible to upload a file without entering a “DEL key”, but in this case anyone can delete the file.

[Fig. 4]

・In the state shown in [Fig. 4], click the green “Send”. [Fig. 5] After a short wait, the file will be transferred and the file name will be added to the “File List” at the bottom of the “Register File” form. ([Fig. 6])

[Fig. 5]
[Fig. 6]

UPLOAD is successful if the PDF file you created is displayed in the [File name] field.

・UPLOAD is now complete.

How to delete the file you have registered

・If you have uploaded the wrong file, click [DEL] at the right end of the uploaded file in the “File list” field. Then, if you specify the “DEL key” when uploading, the authentication field as shown in [Fig. 7] will be displayed. Enter the “DEL key” and press [OK] to delete the file. Please check and upload again from the beginning.
If you have not specified a “DEL key”, you can delete the file by clicking on [DEL] at the right end of the uploaded file in the “File list” field.

[Fig. 7]

4. Unable to convert to a PDF file, or having trouble uploading a file?

It is the responsibility of each presenter to upload their own paper for submission to Plenary Session, Sessions and Sectional Meetings. However, if you are unable to convert the file to a PDF file, or if you have any problems uploading a file, please contact the person in charge of the respective Session or Sectional Meeting.

5. Please observe the deadline

Please upload the papers submitted for Plenary Session, Sessions and Sectional Meetings between 29 September (Wednesday) and 12 October (Tuesday). After the deadline, you will not be able to register new papers or replace already uploaded papers.

Click here to go to the page for UPLOAD