Membership Fee Categories

The Japan Association of International Relations asks members to pay annual membership fees based on different membership categories.

  1. “Regular Members” are all General Members other than “Student Members,” “Senior Members,” and “Couple Members.”
  2. “Student Members” are members who are enrolled in graduate school and who are not “Couple Members” or “Senior Members.”
  3. “Senior Members” are members who are over 70 on April 1 of the fiscal year concerned.
  4. Members of all categories will in principle receive the same services.
  5. Though the membership fees of “General Members” and “Student Members” are the same, “Student Members” are not required to pay a registration fee to the annual meetings (3,000 yen for General Members).
  6. We ask that members living overseas pay an extra 1,000 yen to cover postage charges and so forth.

Membership Fee
(Annual Sum)
Regular Member
Domestic 14,000yen
Overseas 15,000yen
Student Member
Domestic 14,000yen
Overseas 15,000yen
Senior Member
Domestic 10,000yen
Overseas 11,000yen

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